Mölltaler Gletscher

Beautiful and expansive ski area on and around the glacier

The Mölltaler Gletscher ski area is located in Carinthia, Austria. It is a nice but not very big area. It is rarely crowded on the glacier, and you will find some great race tracks. Beginners will not find many easy slopes in this area.

High altitude, so cold

The closest village to the glacier is Flattach. Because it is a glacier, the ski area is very snow-sure, the lowest point is at 2108 meters and you can reach a maximum height of 3122 meters. So quite a difference in height. As a result, it can also be cold and in strong winds it is better to look for a sheltered area. It is useful to find out in advance what the weather is like on the glacier.

Summer skiing

This area is one of 13 areas open in summer.

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ski slope
Low point
High point


  • 1098km from Utrecht (show route). From the highway you are still 39 km on the way to your destination.
  • Can be reached via Salzburg. The road between Munich and the border crossing at Salzburg can be very busy during holidays and weekends.
  • Don't forget to buy a vignette, because from Salzburg-Nord you need a vignette (roughly 10 euros for 10 days).
  • The nearest airport to Mölltaler Gletscher is Klagenfurt, 115km away.
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Youth up to 17 years

Youth up to 11 years